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Our Bartenders

Are the most talented, friendly and professional bartenders in the industry. Our handpicked bartenders know how to pour a mean drink, and they enjoy interacting with you and your guests. They are knowledgeable of the newest drinks and cocktails - as well as some of the classics. All Premier Bartending Services bartenders are required to possess TIPS certification. They possess a minimum of five years industry experience along with at least three years of catering / fine dining experience and engaging personalities. Our bartenders exhibit the highest level of customer service at all times.

The Getaway

Brugal White Rum, Tortuga Pineapple Rum, Tortuga Banana Rum, Sour, Splash Lime Juice, Orange Juice

Sweet Nectar

Vodca, Triple sec, Peach schnapps, Grenadine, Orange juice, Cranberry juice

Cinnamon Stick

Jack Daniels Fire, Kahlua, Baileys

Kahlua, Bailey Irish Cream

Kahlua, Bailey Irish Cream, Triple Sec